House Republican Policy Committee Hearing - 3/22/2017:
House Republican Policy Committee Hearing - technology companies testify before the Committee on how Pennsylvania should be using technology to find potential cost savings,
Policy Committee Hearing - PA Drug Epidemic. - 2/14/2017:
Policy Committee Hearing - Pa. State Rep. Kerry Benninghoff chairs the Policy Committee hearing concerning the Commonwealth's epidemic of prescription pain medications.
Policy Committee Hearing - Cemetery Access - 10/12/2016:
A Policy Committee Meeting hearing about finding a way to allow relatives of deceased descendants access to cemeteries.
Policy Committee Hearing - PA Manufactured Housing Industry. - 10/4/2016:
A Policy Committee meeting to discuss how government can make a more business friendly atmosphere for factory and manufactured housing.
Policy Committee Hearing Property Tax Relief. - 9/22/2016:
A Policy Committee meeting concerning property tax relief.
House Republican Policy Committee Hearing. - 9/22/2016:
House Republican Policy Committee Hearing - Discussion of the problem of escalating real estate prices.
Policy Hearing On Opioids - York, PA. - 9/1/2016:
A Policy Committee meeting on the abuse of opioids from York, Pa.
Policy Committee Hearing on Opioid Abuse, Scranton, PA - 8/31/2016:
Pa. State Rep. Kerry Benninghoff chairs the 7th of 10 Policy Committee meetings on the opioid epidemic, this being held in Scranton.
Joint Policy Hearing Pennsylvania's Drug Epidemic. - 8/30/2016:
A Joint Policy Hearing from Lycoming County concerning Pennyslvania's Opioid epidemic.
A discussion of the oil and gas industry and its logistics.